"Market" Price for CB items

  1. Can anyone give me an idea of the "going" eBay for CB papillion, pochette, wallet and cles? Thanks
  2. Papillion-Over $1000 (probably $1200-1500), Pochette $450-600, Cles $200-300....you could also run a search on eBay for the closed listings on certain items, make sure you used the advanced search. Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. It's true that cles are going for that much, but I've seen very few papillons actually sell for over $1000. I'd say around $850-$1000.
    For pochettes, I'd say $350-$600 because the brown ones tend to sell for less.


    I've only seen porte monnaie plats on eBay once or twice, I got mine for $360 so I'd say for the PMP around $350-$450.
    The PTI, I've seen anywhere from $600-$1200.
  4. I have the prices of what they retailed in stores:

    Mirror $135
    Porte Cles $215
    Porte Monnaie Plat $240
    Pochette Accessories $425

    Porte Tresor Wallet $460
    Papillon $880
    Retro $995
  5. Thanks you guys for the quick and informative responses - you are awesome.