Mark Walsh Leslie Chin jewelry - pics

  1. Is anyone familiar with this line? I've been looking at a few pieces and am wondering about the quality. What do you think of these ......

    Marguerite flower cuff - $460

    I really like the first one. It's so unique.
  2. I've never heard of this designer. I'd like the first ring too but I am not sure about those polka dots......
  3. i like the first one, very pretty and unique. never heard of this designer though.
  4. I like all of them. There kinda big & funky =)
  5. I like the last one best. They look a little costumey to me though. Not quite like enamel on gold.
  6. I wasn't too happy as the three pieces I bought came apart. I was told by my jeweler that the connections are not well made. I did finally get my refund!