mark on showroom pieces? china question

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  1. again I have to refer to the Hermes experts ;)

    my parents are remodelling and I wanted to get them a small gift for their 'new' house. so I found a couple of really lovely Hermes Rythme coffee cups and saucers for them to have their tea in the morning on ebay from a reseller.

    I am pretty sure they are authentic but I posted in the sub-forum anyway. (Is there even fake Hermes China?)

    Anyways, the cups are new but were showroom pieces. The seller has told me twice they are without any chipped pieces or cracks but does Hermes mark showroom pieces? on the pic of the cup's or saucer's bottom side it looks like it so I was wondering. I have no way of finding out as Hermes is faaar away and the seller is not really responding to this part :rolleyes:
  2. It would probably be helpful if you could post some pictures so people who own Hermes porcelain items can have a look and give you their opinions.
  3. ^ thanks! am not with it today - I really should have done this from the start

    anyhow on the second pic underneath the seal there is another comment which I can't make out but I didn't see on any other Hermes piece I found on the Internet. just wondering if this is because it was a showroom piece.

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  4. Are you referring to where it says Rhythme in script? I don't have any Hermes porcelain but all the marks look like they belong to the piece and were applied before it was glazed.
  5. no I am actually referring to the bit on the second picture that is half way cut off. I can't make out what it says.

    but see that is what I thought. So I guess I might just be overreacting. I actually wondered whether they marked pieces beforehand (yeah, I know..)
  6. I don't own many H porcelains, so I can't say with certainty. I just want you to know that the Hermes / horse-carriage stamp looks nothing like the stamps on the several pieces that I have. My personal feel is that this is not authentic.
  7. ^ thanks for that! wow, I compared to some other pieces I had seen and they had copied the bottom side and they looked pretty similar.- so much for my authentication ability....

    hm, the seller has gotten back to me, explaining where they got the cups from and that what I was worried about was actually a sticker from the business that had used the cups - an interior designer. They gave me all their details and they seem pretty legit, it is regular tableware shop.

    could anyone who has rythme porcellaine please post a pic of their cups and the Hermes stamp??

    Thank you.
  8. Strange that an interior design firm would want to do that. Why don't you ask the seller to remove the sticker and send you another picture? Use the macro / closed-up function of the camera and take a closed-up shot of the base of the cup again? I would seriously want to see the H logo stamp again. From what I saw in your picture above, it is really not looking genuine.

    I hardly think that a tableware shop would know how to authenticate H porcelains. :-s
  9. I am looking at a rythme cup right now and I have the top 4 stamps you show in the same placement but nothing else. It does not have the part that is cut off on your picture. The caleche is very small but I think it looks the same. I had to look at it through the camera for close up, can't find my magnifying glass.

  10. ^ thanks a lot for confirming ;)

    maybe it is different lines, different stamps. it was really hard to compare with the cheval d'orient line I was also looking at as those stamps were so different.

    I was originally going to post that 'much ado about nothing' what is cut off is a sticker from the shop that had these cups in their inventory. they sold off their shop to the current seller and those don't want to keep hermes.

    anyways, all seems fine.
  11. I can see the detailing in the stamps of mine. I just can't see the same in the one above.
  12. ^ I am afraid you are right. I compared again with a bit more patience and I am guessing you mean the caleche is more like a blob, it isn't really detailed enough?

    I'll try to find more pics for comparison. thanks again for your help.
  13. so I have gotten a bit obsessive about this and compared to literally any piece of Hermes china I could find pics of on the INternet

    conclusion: the stamps with the caleche vary GREATLY. one china line to another, time when they were produced, etc. it has been an education but frankly I am where I was from the start. I got lucky though to find another piece of rythme porcellain for comparison and the caleche is equally a blob. for more 'artistic' lines like the cheval d'orient it is much more detailed. I guess rythme is their 'cheapest', or should I say least expensive line? I also thought no accent over Hermes could be an indication but no, also that varies a lot.

    I am sure there are fakes out there but in the case of the rythme plate I found it is still in its original box and all. I guess I have to decide now whether I want to take the chance.

    thanks again for your input.