Mark make up....pleasantly surprised

  1. So I just went on a mini-shopping spree b/c my sister brought home the Mark catalog from work....

    I bought tons of stuff since it was only $5 or less...and I must say, so far, I really like it!

    Anyone else surprised by how much they liked Mark make-up (avon)?
  2. i'm an expensive make-up addict, but my boyfriend works for avon (no he's not an avon lady :p) and so he gets a massive discount-pretty much everything ends up costing between ten cents and two dollars-and so i've tried out pretty much every product they make just for the fun of it, and surprisingly enough mark makes some really nice products. i haven't really found any avon products that i like, but the mark foundation (the one that has the little spongy thing inside) and the mark compact foundation are both really nice and comparable to products i use that cost more than 10 times the price :tup:. oh and i like some of the mark glosses as well (although i hated the avon ones i tried).
  3. Yeah, I like the Mark products I've tried as well.