Mark David Chapman Up For Parole Again

  1. Before you read further, do you recognize the name? If not, you're probably 'younger', not that that's a bad thing.

  2. I didn't recognize the name, wondered if he was related to Dog the Bounty hunter. Mea Culpa.

    What are his chances of parole now?
  3. I did recognize the name. (I was a little bit less than a year when it happened, but I'm a huge Beatles fan. I've got "let it be" tattooed on my wrist.)

    I don't see it ever happening.
    This is his seventh hearing. He's been denied six times before that.

    His being up for parole seems more like a mere formality than anything else.
  4. I recognized the name. I'm not a Beatles fan though. I was 12 yrs old in 1981 and remember hearing all about this. He shouldn't get out. Ever.
  5. I don't think so, either. If not from the legal perspective, but I think for his own safety, too.

    I said this before the last time news got out that it was time for his parole hearing, but it bears repeating . . .

    You look at any of those Days that Changed Music Forever lists and Lennon's shooting is either number one or close to it on that list.

    If he got paroled and there were Beatles/John Lennon fans who were so inclined, they could find him and that could pose a big safety issue for him.

    And not just his safety, either. When he was up for parole in 2010, Yoko Ono has said that Chapman might be a danger to her and other family members.

  6. I recognized the name but didn't know exactly who he was. Thought he was a serial killer. In all fairness I was four in 1981.
  7. Let's face it, if he'd killed anyone else he'd already be out by now. It's an insult to other murder victims that this guy is kept in jail forever. It's effectively saying "Well, this guy killed someone of greater worth, so we're keeping him in for longer".
  8. ^ Actually, that's not universally true. People have received the death penalty for killing a convenience store clerk. People who have never been convicted of killing anyone (i.e. Manson) have been kept in prison forever.

    In this case, Chapman was clearly insane/delusional at the time of the murder (not that that absolves him of responsibility for it). I would guess that without some pretty significant medication and/or oversight, his delusions could easily come back or take over his life again - especially in our media and celebrity obsessed culture. I remain confident that he will not be granted parole. No one wants that on their hands or record.
  9. John Lennon was killed in 1980, but I know what you mean.
  10. You are right: I know things are different, better if you will, in America from how they are in the rest of the West. A rapist and murderer get more deserving sentences over there. In Australia, there are only a few people given 'never to be released' sentences for a single murder, and those cases were particularly sadistic and cold-hearted.

    I still think he's chances for release would be better if he'd killed someone else
  11. I was in college & remember it like it was yesterday. (The MGM Grand fire was just a short time before this happened.)

    Agree with HauteMama