??Mark Cross?? can someone explain

  1. I was just in Marshalls and I saw a black leather purse marked "Mark Cross" and made in Italy.

    I thought Mark Cross does not exist anymore? It was a designer who was bought by Coach some time in the late 80s. Shortly thereafter, Mark Cross stopped making bags as Coach decided it was not making $$$.

    How could Marshalls have a bag? Is it just a knockoff or someothing?
  2. actually qvc was selling them for a time; not sure if they are anymore; they were actually decent looking bags...but i thought the same thing, that they were long gone....
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    Mark Cross was like the old Abercrombie and Fitch or T Anthony - they made luggage and handbags. Very good quality stuff. Then they went out of business in the 1990's. If anyone is interested, here is a picture of the old Mark Cross luggage:

    And here is another interesting history of their bags: