Mark another bag off my wish list-I bought it! *PIC*

  1. OK...with a department store gift card and some Christmas cash I bought.....the medium khaki/beet Carly!

    I wasn't sure about the size- I have the large chocolate....but I think the medium will work and it's something different.

    It's been on my wish list for a while....but I'm feeling so guilty because this is my 3rd bag this month!!! Wanted to share with you guys so you can help me feel good about my purchase...I do:heart:it!

    I am soooo banned (until next PCE!)
    Med Carly.jpg
  2. Awesome! I love the beet color. Enjoy!
  3. I love that color combo!!! Great choice for your 3rd bag.:tup:
  4. :drool: I love the khaki/beet! And I have a medium Carly and it is a GREAT size :tup: Congrats!!! :yahoo: Stop feeling guilty and enjoy her!!!! :tup:
  5. Beautiful bag, congrat's.
  6. What a great color combo! Enjoy your new bag.
  7. it's really pretty......just enjoy it!!
  8. That is one beautiful bag! Congrats on your purchase! Don't feel a bit guilty- you used a gift card and what better to use it on?!?:yes:
  9. I LOVE the color combination!!! Great purchase :smile:
  10. I just love your bag! That is one terrific bag and so comfy too! Congrats!
  11. Don't feel guilty... you used your gift card & Xmas cash... and you deserve it :tup: Enjoy!
  12. I love it! Thanks all!
  13. I love the color combo. Better get it now before it is sold out right ?