Marissa Cooper....

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  2. You may want to put a SPOILER warning for OC fans that haven't seen this episode yet.:idea:
  3. well what a waste tivo'ing it!
  4. Next time, perhaps you could not ruin the episode for everyone on the west coast by posting the spoiler in the title?

    Edit: Thanks for editting your title. Maybe posting that there's a spoiler within would be nice, too.
  5. oh nice, i'm watching it right now.. next time put a spoiler warning
  6. the ending was so stupid.
  7. what the??? not going to see the SPOLIER thread! over here, the last episode that has screened was when johnny fell of the cliff.... i think mischa barton is prefect!!! i wish i was her friend... hehehehehe!
  8. Thank you so much for the spoiler warning. I mean come on. :rant:
  9. I think someone has to change the title "SPOILER" to prevent another future victims..
  10. wish i hadn't came upon this thread!
  11. I'm deleting most of teh posts in this thread, it's been posted already anyhow and we don't allow dupplicate's.