Mariska Hargitay's white handbag (pic)

  1. This photo is a scan from the new issue of OK! magazine. That white bag Mariska is carrying is extremely cute.

    Any idea who made it? (Fiore maybe? Gucci?)

  2. OOOh its very cute. I love the flap.
  3. the flap reminds me of carlos falchi i think...hmm...
  4. Could she be any more beautiful!?
  5. The bag is HOT!! She is so gorgeous!
  6. I saw that bag last night in USWeekly. I was wondering the same thing. A lot of nice bags in this week's issue with Denise Richards and Heather Locklear on the cover.
  7. Ooh cute bag. Looks like it could be buttery soft with that soft flap.:love:

    I love Mariska. She doesn't seem to realize that she is GORGEOUS. Seems like she'd be nice and down to earth.
  8. I love her too! I think she's incredibly talented. I would love to see her in more roles though.

    Swank, she looks absolutely radiant and happy. How wonderful!
  9. Thank goodness - more Mariska fans! Isn't she just amazing?
  10. :love::love::love::love: Love her, too!
    She's the best Hollywood preggie
  11. I sure wish we could figure out who made that bag. The leather almost looks Hermès-ish.
  12. ohhhh....that bag is adorable......
  13. I'm not able to see the picture - don't know why?
  14. Okay, I see the photo now - I don't care for the bag but I love her, she is lovely and seems like someone you'd want for a friend.
  15. She is lovely! Pregnancy sure agrees with her. Don't know about the bag, though.