Mariska Hargitay / Olivia Benson Jacket and Necklaces

  1. Hello!

    Does anyone know where I can find the black jacket or necklaces that Mariska Hargitay is wearing below? She's been wearing them on Law and Order SVU recently I think.


  2. I can't see the photo but I know she mostly wears Me and Ro jewelry.
  3. I have been looking for the black leather jacket she wears on SVU also. Anyone?
  4. She wears the Fearlessness necklace from Me & Ro ( and another called the studio waterfall from Michael Eigen jewelers (while this isn't it its pretty similar I know that the brown leather jacket she wears is from Vince but its two seasons old. Its the same one that Anne Hathaway wore in the Devil Wears Prada ( They did have a black one similar to it this season but not sure if they are still available. Below is a link to a great style and I actually own it myself.

    Also try looking on eBay. That's actually where I got the Vince jacket you're looking for last year. Sometimes they randomly pop up. Good luck with your search!
  5. The necklace she wears is from Me and Ro, but you can only purchase it and because it is a piece that she designed for charity. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the joyful heart foundation ( that was created by Mariska Hargitay. I have the necklace in silver which sells for $110.00. The gold version sells for $485.00 (which is the one she wears on SVU). I love mine.
  6. I love mine too but I broke the chain last week! Not good since this is one of my "go to" necklaces when I don't feel like wearing a bigger one. I'm going to need to get it fixed because I'll never be able to get another chain to go through those little loops on the pendant on my own!