Marion Cotillard X Lady Dior

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  1. Dior has released new images of the Marion Cotillard Lady Dior compaign.

    She looks stunning in the ads, as usual. Cotillard has fronted the Lady Dior ads for 8 years now. I love Dior's long-time relationships with various stars. Whereas most other fashion brands tend to choose different celebrities to renew an advertising campaign (i.e. think of how many different faces have graced the ads of Chanel No5), Dior has remained loyal to its muses, showing the timeless appeal of the brand. Charlize Theron herself has fronted the J'adore fragrance for over 12 years.

    From WWD:

    Cotillard is sporting the new La D de Dior Satine in 18K rose gold on her wrists.

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  2. She is beautiful, and I love the photos.

    Boy, everyone is jumping on the strap bandwagon--we get to spend another $1000+ for a strap.
  3. These ads/ pictures are gorgeous! She is the perfect muse for this bag! She looks so effortlessly, casually, chic and glamorous all while going about a " normal" day. The bags look fabulous as well!
  4. I am always looking forward to new Lady Dior campaigns. That ombre micro cannage is TDF.
  5. By the way, the medium Lady with embellished strap should be 4000euros according to a SA in Milan i talked to.
  6. The new images just speak to me... How beautiful is she and how beautiful Are these bags? I never thought I would like silver hardware but it looks perfect in the ad and makes me reconsider.
  7. The strap actually looks stunning in real life. They have clear crystal-encrusted versions that look like dramatic diamond jewelry!
  8. Details of the strap

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  9. Here is the making-of video. Enjoy!

  10. I always loved her, she screams dior to me.
  11. Thanks for sharing this AJ! She's truly the epitomic of Lady Dior, full of grace and class.
  12. I hope they never change, there is no one more perfect than her for Dior.
  13. Yes you're so right! I love Marion as an actress and I adore her effortless and chic French style. I think all of Dior's leading ladies are very well-suited to the brand including Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman. They're all my girl crushes! :loveeyes:
  14. Oh she is SO stunning. Such a graceful, natural beauty :heart::heart:
  15. I love the Lady Dior but prefer the large in black patent. How do you think the strap would look with that size and leather?
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