Marion Cotillard in vintage Dior Haute Couture, for the new Dior Magazine

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  1. The pictures from the new magazine featuring Marion Cotillard in vintage Dior Haute Couture are so beautiful that they deserve their own thread.

    Marion perfectly embodies the Dior Haute Couture style.
    marion1-305x400.png marion2-307x400.png marion3-297x400.png marion4-307x400.png marion5-305x400.png marion7-575x373.png marion61.png
  2. LOVE these! So beautiful.
  3. These were lensed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.
  4. These were part of the Vogue September issue 2012's 120 anniversary tribute from Dior to Vogue. Incredibly classy and well done. Great job Dior!
  5. Nope, these are from Dior Mag. The Vogue supplement featured model Daria Strokous and was a different shoot.
  6. gorgeous photos! that classic New Look outfit suits Marion very well! she definitely embodies Parisian chic :biggrin:
  7. I wonder if we can buy the Dior magazine. I would love to get my hands on the first issue!