Marion Cotillard and Lady Dior: Pre-Fall 2014

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  1. Marion Cotillard appears in a new ad campaign for the Lady Dior bag. From WWD:

    The ads have a very liberating look about them, and the clothes are spectacular!

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  2. gorgeous :heart:
  3. The clothes are spectacular indeed! That turtleneck is so elegant, and could be worn for so many different occasions (I always try to look for pieces which might actually fit into my working and social wardrobe).
  4. The new recently new pieces by Dior are definitely more "wearable". I am loving the dress!
  5. More images of the campaign from DiorMag (check out the lovely crocodile Lady Dior!):

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  6. Stunning! I love that rich fuchsia lady Dior!
  7. She looks gorgeous. I am also loving the dark fuschia... when will this be out? :smile:
  8. The colours should be available sometime in April or May given that the ads will be released next month.
  9. The Lady Dior bags from this campaign have been added to the Dior website, which probably means that they are already available for purchase.

    The crocodile colour is "Burgundy". The fuchsia-like colour is "Toxic Purple". The hand-painted Lady Dior is in white deerskin.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong... These are just 'some' of the new bags this season right?
  11. These are only a few. There are many more colours and variations. Even the hand-painted Lady Dior comes in many different colours.