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  1. MARIO BATALI OFF THE HOOK In NYC Sexual Assault Cases
    Mario Batali will not be charged for 2 alleged sexual assaults in NYC ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

    We're told the NYPD has closed both cases against Batali after investigators couldn't find any witnesses or evidence supporting claims made by the accusers.

    We broke the story ... a woman filed a police report last March claiming she was raped by Batali on Jan. 29, 2004 at his West Village eatery.

    NYPD was also investigating Batali for sexual misconduct after a woman came forward on "60 Minutes" claiming he sexually assaulted her in 2005 at his Spotted Pig restaurant.

    We reached out to the NYPD and the Manhattan D.A. ... both declined to comment.
  2. I have no idea who this guy is lol
  3. He's chef from The Chew
  4. Was a chef long before The Chew. Written cookbooks, owns restaurants. But ya, was a tv star.
  5. That's true! Thank you for clearing that up.
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  6. I was a very early fan of his (given my Northern Italian background), but then he started acting like THE Celebrity Chef. Both in NYC and out here in LA, there were rumors of him cheating his staff out of tips and other assorted things. Sure enough, finally, the staff in NYC filed a lawsuit, and he was in fact, found to be guilty of cheating the staff out of their tips (like - what? .. he needed that extra $$$). Same with Mozza out here in LA; he is no longer involved .. only Nancy Silverton. When a friend wanted to go to Eately (branch in the Westwood/Century City area of LA) and we met up with him, what an effin' DISASTER! Never again will I ever go to any of his places ..
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  7. Oh wow.
  8. Uh...weren't there videos of him groping on women inappropriately?
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  10. Seriously...I used to watch his cooking show in the late afternoon all the time years ago. He wore crocs all the time. I remember that and the exact time that I stopped waching his show when he scratched his ass on tv right after he threw some wine into a skillet of a yummy looking dish he was preparing.
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  11. OMG!!! .. yeah, that would totally do it for me too.

    The fact that Bastianich and Nancy Silverton have disserted him spoke volumes to me. Mind you, I'm NOT a fan of Bastianich, but he is all about the $$$ whereas Nancy Silverton has class. She oftentimes was behind the bar area at Osteria Mozza and I got to give her credit for that; NEVER saw Mario there! When the HB and I first went to Osteria Mozza, we absolutely loved it .. the food and wine were excellent, but then Mario started doing these contrived dishes and it was not so great (yet still VERY expensive). Next door is Pizzeria Mozza and the pizza is good, but it is NOT as good as the Pizza back East (especially NYC). Bottom line, I'm not going to spend a great deal of $$$ on a mediocre meal and the fact that he cheated his own staff?? .. NOPE, not going to your restaurant! Eately is a joke ..
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  12. I've been told by my nephew, who is a chef, that he hasn't been involved with his restaurants in many, many years (other than to treat his staff poorly and rip them off).

    But I did love him on the Chew. He was the best teacher. And he chopped his own veggies. The rest usually have everything pre-cut by someone and if they don't have knife skills, they aren't chefs, IMO. I did like him on that show. Haven't watched since.
  13. I totally believe it because the first time we went to Osteria Mozza was around 2010 (before we moved here) and he was there at that time. After that, never saw him.

    I watched the Chew once or twice; yes, Mario has the skills .. but the fact that he ripped off his staff like that?!? .. INEXCUSABLE!
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