Mario Badescu products

  1. super helpful, thanks. thinking from "lightest to thickest" makes a lot of sense and is easy to remember.

    I appreciate the help!
  2. I bought more products today :ninja:

    and got a ton of samples so that probably means I'll be buying more still...
  3. HAUTELOOK had 20% off the other day. I love his Enzyme Cleanser. It softens my skin, love it with my Clarisonic.
  4. I have hormonal acne. For many years, I was able to keep it under control due to my birth control. Unfortunately, they are discontinuing my brand and my new BC made me break out all over again. A salesperson at Nordstrom recommended I try MB so I went home with a bunch of stuff on Saturday. My pimples range from whiteheads to cysts and even blackheads all around my chin and lip area. I also have a lot of scarring there.

    I went home with SO many products that I am overwhelmed! I'm not sure, but I don't think the drying or buffering lotions are working on me.

    I have the:
    Enzyme cleanser
    Glycolic cleanser
    Aloe Vera toner

    Acne Repair Kit (buffering and drying lotions as well as the drying cream)

    I got samples of:
    Whitening mask
    Strawberry exfoliator
    Aloe moisturizer
    Healing and Soothing mask
    Drying mask

    Wash with the enzyme cleaner
    Aloe Vera toner
    Drying cream (only on chin area)
    Buffering lotion (only on my pimples/cysts(

    Question: When do I put my moisturizer on? My chin area is becoming dry. Also, I feel like I am "undoing" the drying cream as soon as I put the buffering lotion on. Does that make sense? Like the buffering lotion is taking the drying cream off.

    Wash with the enzyme cleaner
    Aloe Vera toner
    3x a week use the glycolic was
    3x a week use the healing and soothing mask
    3x a week use the drying mask
    Use the drying and buffering lotions every night as needed

    Question: Again, at what point do I moisturize? Also, can I double up on certain nights (ie: use the enzyme, glycolic and one of the masks one night). It seems overdone, but I was instructed to use them 3x a week so of course some of the days are going to overlap!
  5. bump for a great product
  6. I like the Enzyme cleanser and the Rose water spray. Thinking about getting the cucumber lotion soon.