Mario Badescu Generous Samples!!

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  1. I just signed up. What kind of samples do you get?
  2. I guess I have to email CS too since I never received my samples either.
  3. HOw long have you been waiting kansashalo? I've been waiting 2 weeks but I don't know how long it usually takes
  4. I submitted the survey on Feb. 2, emailed C.S. on Feb. 16. = Nothing. :shrugs:
  5. I emailed on the 15th of this month about it and the girl gave me the survey to take via email. I took it and a day later, she gave me a list of items they recommend, but it didn't say anything about samples being sent (but my address was added into the regimen email) and I haven't gotten anything in the mail yet either...ugh.
  6. They suck. Haven't gotten any samples and it's been over 2 months. I've emailed them numerous times. No response from their CS whatsoever. Boo.
  7. I did this about a year ago and never got my samples either.
  8. How awful! We need to complain to them en masse.
  9. I filled out the survey around 3/13-3/15 and got the samples today. I got 8 samples total and tried 3 of them tonight. I'm surprised how affordable the line is.
  10. =( still have yet to receive my samples and i filled out the survey at the end of feb..
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    MB is a relatively small non mainstream NY based business.

    It was doing just fine sending out samples to people before this got posted in this deals and steals sub forum upon which thousands of people started asking for samples some of whom probably have no interest in the skin care line and just filled it out because they saw it was free.

    How about some understanding and patience regarding the volume of requests they received?

    They have outstanding CS. I have been using MB since 2003 and have had no problems what so ever.

    Check the Beauty Bar, there are tons of ladies who have had no problems getting samples before this thread was posted and got almost 5000 views. There are a plethora of people who have used this brand and have had great results.

    ETA: For those of you who don't know, they actually HAND PACK the samples and send them out. They aren't prepackaged samples you are order from a company who is actually doing a sample offer. This was by no means supposed to be a free sample free for all offer for the masses, like it has now become.

    I wish this was never posted, because I won't be surprised if MB will end up having to discontinue this service they have been providing its loyal customers who want to try new products since the early 2000s.
  12. ^^ Well said!
  13. YOu can also go to the counter at Nordstrom and get the same samples they give out in the store...
  14. Patience ladies. To give you an idea of the time frame, I took the survey back in early February. It took a few days, and then I got the follow-up email inviting me to request free samples. I then heard nothing for over a month except for "mailing list" emails, but then I just got an email from them late last week asking how I liked the samples. I replied informing them that I hadn't received the samples. Two days later I got an email letting me know the date the samples had been mailed, but by then the samples had arrived! As everyone mentioned, they were hand-packed, generously sized, and included every single one of the items suggested in my regimen! I can't wait to try them and will certainly place an order for something just to thank them for being so nice.
  15. thank you!! i remember when i first filled out the sample form about a year or two ago, it went through but i never got the samples and after a second try i talked to a great CS rep and i've been in love with the line ever since! Since I saw this start of this thread I knew it would just be bad news, MB is probably always bombarded with requests, and after this..i doubt they'll be able to answer everyone. i feel terrible for the company.
    it's a great cheap line and it lasts a long time! i suffer from acne, and one of my favorite products i bought maybe about a year ago and it's not even half empty! just go out and test it yourself. there's plenty of info and detail on the site for every skin problem, even lots of FAQ's and sample regimens.