Mario Badescu Generous Samples!!

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  1. don't forget don't just fill out the questionnaire. You need to respond an e-mail they send after the questionnaire.
    I got mine and the samples are indeed generous. Comes with a handy brochure on how to use the specific products sent to you.
  2. I received mine rather quickly. I love the products.
  3. thanx-
  4. Still waiting for the samples........:shrugs:
  5. ^^^

    Me too. :yes:
  6. I did this a few weeks ago but never got an email =(
  7. i got an email today saying that they hoped i had enjoyed the samples
    the samples i never got:wondering
  8. Same here! :tdown:
  9. ^got the same email and no samples.
  10. I never received my samples, but this morning they sent an e-mail telling me they hope I loved them :sad:
  11. I think they've gotten a bombardment of email sbecause of purse forum so please be patient. I got mine in a jiffy but I filled out the questionaire a month ago. I am planning on purchasing their products because I loved their samples so much!! Love the aloe vera toner, chamomile eye cream, buttermilk lotion - to die for!!
  12. I just got an e-mail today in my Spam. I filled out the questionnaire last week, so its a little slow. I hope I get my samples.
  13. I got mine no problem. they are very nice samples!!!
  14. It took forever for my samples to arrive in the mail but it was totally worth it! I was surprised that they sent so many different products...The strawberry face mask smells so strawberry ice cream, lol! :P
  15. I did the questionnaire and now they just send me emails once or twice a week, but no samples yet