Mario Badescu Generous Samples!!

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  1. i got mine yesterday, can't wait to try them.......
  2. YAY! Thank you! I got my samples too. Finally, I will get to try their products for free. The sizes are pretty generous too.

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  3. Thanks alot! Just filled out the questionnaire cant wait to get the email.
  4. got mine today. it works!
  5. Hey I received the drying lotion with mine, I think it was all in what you told them on the questions you filled out about your skin type.:supacool:
  6. OMG, how long did it take for everyone to receive their samples? For me it's been over 3 weeks and nothing.
  7. ^^ Me too,I'm sure they will be here soon though as it looks like they are just starting to be delivered.
  8. I was so disappointed when my mailbox was empty this afternoon. :sad: Hopefully soon.
  9. You should be getting them, took me 2 weeks to get mine. they came usps.
  10. I looked in my spam email and there it was for my free sample! Thanks for the reminder!
  11. I can't wait to get mine either, it has been a little over 2 weeks for me.
  12. Same here, feels like a long time since I filled in the questionnaire...
  13. Same here! I was so excited to try out drying lotion but when i looked over my samples they had none. Oh well i'm grateful i got a few samples, can't wait to try them tonight
  14. I got mine a week ago and I was very impressed with the samples!! I love the smell of the kiwi scrub and the collagen moisturizer is awesome!
  15. Were we supposed to get a confirmation? I never received one and it's not in my Spam folder. Bummer, I hope they still come:sad: