Mario Badescu Generous Samples!!

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  1. Thanks for posting. I want to try this line out for a long time ago!
  2. If you live in NYC, you can also go there for a facial (or another service) and get a bunch of samples that way as well. I highly recommend their products. They work really well and are reasonably priced.
  3. Hi all,

    It takes a couple of days to receive the e-mail so be patient!

    And it does work for Canada! :tup:

    Oh, and you do not have to sign up for the newsletter
  4. I did this about a year ago and I really like their products. They have the best sample program and sample packaging out of anyone I've tried.
  5. Thanks so much! I have been wanting to try their products.
  6. I've done this before, but they claimed nothing would work for my skin w/ them, which is super odd. I have normal skin w/ an occasional breakout. I had wanted to try products before leaping in, but never did when I got that email.
  7. thanks....just waiting on the email now!
  8. I've been using MB products for a couple of years now and they send you at least 5-7 samples based on their supply and your skin type. Their Whitening Mask is the best! :heart:
  9. thanks! i've been wanting to try this line as well!
  10. Cool! Thanks!
  11. though i'm currently using products my esthetician uses on me it won't hurt to try something new! thanks for the link! :tup:
  12. thank you!! Just send it too~~
  13. You know, I've signed up on their website using 2 different e-mails and never received an e-mail offering free samples. This was a few months ago when everyone in the Beauty Bar was saying they got free samples just for signing up. Maybe I should try again? They send me e-mails all the time but never anything about free samples to try. Weird...
  14. ^^ i never got that email either, but i have gotten samples when i ordered
  15. Got the email today and clicked through to request the samples - thanks again OP!