Mario Badescu Generous Samples!!

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  1. They are a small company and IMO, there customer service is really good. They do things by hand and take their time filling orders. Their in-store customer service is top notch. Never had any issues. I do believe it was the influx of request that has things backlogged...
  2. Just received my samples today! I also had a little bit of trouble. I filled out their questionnaire at the beginning of last month and received a follow-up email two weeks ago saying that they hoped I had a chance to try the samples. I hadn't received them at that point, so I waited another week. Still no samples, so I e-mailed them last week and received a friendly response the very next day. They told me that they would reship my samples and that I would be getting them in 3-4 weeks. Fast forward a week later and the samples are already in my hands.

    I am pleased with their customer service. Even though there was a minor hiccup, I feel that the company handled it well. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them if the products end up working out for me. :tup:
  3. After received their samples, what I can say is their products're really great compare to products in the market. I've really sensitive skin and always get irritated, however, their moisture and eye cream are so gentle enough to not damage my skin at all.

    Just about to order to large size of both products.
  4. I can't remember when I ordered the samples, but I never got any. It must have been well over a month ago. I also emailed to see if they could customize my samples to be able to try some of their products designed for rosacea as well. I never got an email until I followed up asking for more info on those products. Anyway, they didn't respond to the original request, and in the end, they weren't worried about getting me samples, so at this point I'll pass. I was pretty excited to try something new that *might* be ok for my skin! I'm heading over to the dermatologist this month anyway, so at this point I'll wait anyway. I'm glad you all love your samples!
  5. i filled out more than a month ago but didn't get anything, they sent me an email saying that if i want to buy their full size product however, i still didn;t get their sample yet.!!!!
  6. I got the samples pretty quickly. I feel bad, I haven't tried them yet because I was nervous about using a new line. But now that I heard the rave reviews, I'm definitely going to try it before bedtime tonight!