Mario Badescu Generous Samples!!

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  1. This company, most famous for
    this product-
    is extremely generous with their samples. I have ordered from them in the
    past and received about 8 travel size sample products in a bag.

    Just go to their site, and under 'Consulting', fill out the form. At the end,
    no need to purchase. You will receive an email with their product suggestions,
    and a link for free samples!

    Greeeaat stuff!:tup:
  2. Just did waiting for the email! Thanks as always!
  3. Thanks, I gave it a try too. Didn't take long to fill out the form. Sure would appreciate a few samples....
  4. is anyone else still waiting on the email?? it's weird that it's taking this long...
  5. i did this about 5 years back when a friend suggested it... i havent used a single item but its great stuff- they send you a bunch!
  6. question... do you have to sign up for their newsletter to get the free samples?
  7. I have purchased a few of their items from Nordstrom's, they work fairly well. But I would love more free samles to try their other products.
  8. I love their drying lotion, it works great for me. I'll have to try this out, thanks!
  9. Does this work for Canada as well?

    Edit: it lists other countries so i guess so! I'll try it out! Thanks OP! My mom bought this stuff years ago from the shopping channel & it was good!

  10. I think it takes a day or two...should be something like this-

    Dear XXX,

    Thank you for your interest in Mario Badescu! According to our records, you recently filled out our online skin care questionnaire. Based on the answers you provided, we've developed a full regimen tailored to fit your skin care needs. For your reference, we have listed your recommended products below. We are so confident about the results you will achieve that we would like to send you some free samples so that you can try our products before you decide to purchase them.

    Please click here if you are interested in receiving product samples.

  11. I filled out the form but did not get a link for free samples, is anyone else having this problem?
  12. Thanks so much....I have been wanting to try this line!
  13. cool! thanks for posting! can't wait to try out their free samples!
  14. I did this a few months ago... it takes about a day or so to get the email, so don't worry. The samples are great!!
  15. also waiting on email...thanks for posting!