marino orlandi handbag??

  1. Does or has anyone heard of Marino Orlandi??

    I was in TJ Maxx, my newest hunt for handbags, and they had a Marino Orlandi handbag that just called my name and had to come home with me and it did. But I know nothing about this bag, never heard of it. I know someone here must have. Please tell me all you know.
  2. [​IMG]

    I picked up this one in black at TJ Maxx but never heard of Marino Orlandi, and can only find him on, anyone!
  3. I have one that I bought on eBay. It's a yellow bucket bag. I like it.
  4. Thanks, I really like the bag but never heard of the make.
  5. I see them at my TJMaxx frequently and they look nicely made. I like the one you chose - especially that you can wear it two ways.
    I don't have one however, so can't really tell you much...
  6. I had one bag 5 years ago, wore it for 2 years and gold started to peel off. The leather was very nice, no damage. I did not want this bag to be used by somebody else, so before throwing it away, I destroyed it and it was very nicely made. I honestly think the quality of worksmanship is one of the best on the market.
    I've never seen this brand in Nordstrom, only in TJMAXX.
    What I thought is probably design is too old, because bags I see in TJMAXX are the same for the last 5 years, no changes, may be they have stock somewhere and get rid of it? The second place is eBay, although prices are almost 2 times higher. My bag was red and the cost was around 140 dollars (the original price was around 330-350), now when I see Marino Orlandi bag, it is no cheaper than 200 for any bag model.
  7. Does Marino Orlandi ever come with nickle/silver colored hardware?

    Katlum, Gorgeous bag. Congratulations. nice photography, too.
  8. I just didn't like the fact that the bag has a plastic zipper. It seems odd and almost cheap. But I like the fact it can be worn 2 ways.

    It cost $229 at TJ Maxx which put it on the high end for that store.

    I have never seen them at Nordstroms but mine is small. Not like the gaint one I was use to in NJ.
  9. I think the bag looks great! I keep on meaning to check out my local TJ Maxx because I read about all the great bags the ladies on this site find there (and Marshalls).

    And my only other comment is I have never heard of destroying a bag before throwing it away. One man's (or woman's) trash is another man's treasure (I am big on recyling).
  10. Some things I never give away. This bag was my own personal treasure and once it is gone, it is gone forever in eternity.
    I am not concern with mythical other man, too bad for them.
    I donate plenty of things...
  11. I just bought an AWESOME bag at TJ Maxx from Marino Orlandi. Also from Braccialini. I did a search online and found the second name. They are a luxury leather handbag manufacturer out of Europe. Both brands were over $200 at TJ Maxx.
  12. I have some Braccalini purse charms. Great quality.

    Here's my Marino Orlandi:

  13. I have 3 MO's. I had 4 but gave one away to a friend (who was thrilled). All were purchased at either Marshall's or their sister store, TJ Maxx.
    They are great quality, but I rarely use them as I have moved on to bigger bags and other styles.
    I emailed the company a few years ago, when I first discovered them and started immediately buying them. I remember them saying that they shipped directly to 2 stores in the USA: one of which was the TJ Maxx/Marshalls company, and the other one I don't recall. In other words, they are not "seconds". I haven't seen any with plastic zippers, but I haven't bought one in six or seven years, so maybe that has changed.
    Enjoy your bag!
  14. It looks like a beautiful purse. Congratulations on your find.:yahoo:
  15. Hi......Marino Orlandi handbags are well made from Italy. The leather is wonderful, the details are well pointed.

    When you buy a bag or anything else for that matter at TJMax...look at the price tag.
    there are codes that tell you if the item is a "second"...which is not necessary bad, items that are "seconds" to the maker...the manufacture standards ..can often be perfectly fine for the consumer. Manufactures often have standards that are higher ....than most of us are aware of.
    On the tag...there is a "type" number...if the number is "6" it is a second..per the maker.
    again, the decrepancies may not be visible to the consumer.

    As far as the them..they are wonderul...will last a long time and wear beautifully. I have several, my favorite is the huge...bucket ...I just had it in Florida, and just happen to be in Nordstorm looking at handbags, the sales clerks were asking where they could find my bag....funny.