marine o7 vs marine o8 which one do u love better?

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which do u love best?

  1. marine 07

  2. marine 08

  3. neither, I'd rather get some other colors

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  1. So I currently have a marine 07 city but I feels like the color might be too dark for me and I also have a marine 08 on hold for me for 24 hrs. I'm not sure if I should sell the 07 to get the 08. :shrugs:
    Which color do you like best?? Let me know ur thoughts!!
  2. the new marine looks gorgeous - but it's so hard to judge without comparison shots.

    eta: but my guess is that 07 marine will have better leather than the new marine - so keep that in mind!
  3. I think the new Marine looks like it may be darker than the 07. Not seen it in the flesh - only photos.
  4. I like the 07 marine better, haven't seen 08 irl, but 07 just pops more for me.
  5. i think in all the pix they look v similar :shrugs: both my '07s are v dark indoors but come alive in the daylight revealing real indigo hues :heart: ~ both have thick, chewy leather : ~ unfortunately, i think i've yet to see a bal blue that i don't like :P

  6. I saw 08 Marine yesterday, soo pretty!!! I might need one.:sweatdrop:

  7. These bags are unreal! Gorgeous color! :tup:
  8. Chinkee did you see it in Bal HK?
  9. :yes: Totally agree.
    Anyway I would wait to see the new marine IR and then decide.
  10. I've never seen 07 Marine IRL and am going to check out 08 Marine today at my NM. By looking at the 07 Marine pics though, it's really a little too dark for me and I'm hoping that 08 Marine is much lighter and not a Navy color like 07.