marine giant hardware or naturel???

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  1. Pretty hard choice, cause the both bags look amazing, but after considering I say naturel.
  2. Naturel with giant hardware.:love:
  3. I love the naturel with giant hardware.
  4. this is a TOUGHY ^_^"

    I say naturel, since i'm pretty found of greige... i love the beigy colors!
  5. thks everyone!!!

    i'll definitely go for naturel...

    the thing is there is giant hardware in Thailand (official balen shop) but not in "part time" style and not in "naturel" color:cry: :cry:

    i'll have to order through website & WAIT!!!

  6. Fo sho!
  7. naturel!!!
  8. I like the naturel too!
  9. Yah, I see. In Thailand, I just saw the Brief in Black and White (not sure the exact name, sorry)...but they're so cool IMO :nuts:
    I used to dislike the Giant Hardware :shrugs: but after I already touched it IRL, I think it looks really GORGEOUS :love:
    I hope you would get your expected beautiful baby soon :graucho:
    Anyway, Merry Christmas :heart:
  10. hi sandy!!

    r u the one who called me asking abt coach key ring and balen lilac???
    if so,,,nice to meet u here and in mylvshop webboard jaaaa.

  11. naturel with giant hardware all the way!! :smile:
  12. Yah, p'meaw, I'm Sai, who asked you for the Coach keyring and BBag--but not in Lilac, I loved your Caramel one :smile:
    Ohhhh....but I've no chance to get them at all...I'm still sorry about that :crybaby:
    Anyway, I'm really glad to see you there and here:cutesy:

    Hi, Priscilla, would you plan to buy sth with the Giant Hardware? :graucho: They all look really gorgeous IMO.

    See ya both around BKK:yahoo: