Marine Giant Day Pics!

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  1. The color is TDF! :drool: Absolutely perfect! A true, dark navy. I know the giant hardware is an acquired taste, but I really think it looks nice in this combo. The bag feels heavier than the original day, but it is still very light!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: The pictures are taken with a flash, and as I'm looking back at them, it does slightly look like blueberry - but they are nothing alike IRL. It is a true, dark navy.

    The leather is not veiny at all, very soft and smooshy. I'm soooo glad I sent my grass green back and got this instead. I couldn't be happier!:love:
    marine.jpg marineclose.jpg
  2. GORGEOUS. COngratulations and ENJOY!!!
  3. It is really pretty!!! Congrats to your new bag and way to treat yourself for the holidays!!!
  4. I love it MBL!the color is TDF!
  5. That is by far the best shade of blue I've seen Balenciaga produce. I agree with you. I certainly like the Marine over the Grass Green - and I like the Grass Green. I'm actually more excited with these new colors everyday.

    Congratulations.:yahoo: So glad you are happy with the change.
  6. It's an absolute knock-out of a bag. I'm not joking, that's frigging GORGEOUS!!!
  7. wow! that's beautiful!
  8. Congrats!!! :flowers: The giant hardware looks really good on bigger bags! :yes:
  9. thanks guys!
  10. I love this shade of blue! Congrats!
  11. Very, very pretty!! It's amazing how much it looks like blueberry in the pics but it is navy.
  12. I love the new hardware on that bag (and on the brief and work) - it's a really nice change!!!!!!!!! I think it's great they've given us this option for variety. On some bags, it's gorgeous, and this is one of them!
  13. The combination couldn't be better. I love it. Congrats!
  14. mbl -- so glad you exchanged the grass green for a color you love. This marine is so pretty!!! Enjoy!!!
  15. nice bag, congrats!