Marine Corps or Chicago Marathon?

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  1. I last ran a full marathon in 2006 (NYC). Got in thru the lottery on my first try. :yahoo: Well, I'm getting the bug again & am trying to decide between Chicago or Marine Corps. I thought I was pretty well decided on Marine Corps, but I keep getting emails about Chicago & am becoming seduced by their promises of 'flat & fast'. Has anyone here done both & if so, which one did you like better?
  2. haven't done chicago, but i did the mcm marathon this year. it was such a well run race - they didn't even run out of toilet paper! dc is beautiful (though i'm biased), and it's on halloween this year, which is amazing. i am doing it again, AND i'm going to dress up!
  3. Chicago, hands down!
  4. Right now, I'm still leaning towards Chicago....its such a hard decision, though!
  5. Congrats on finishing NY. While every marathon is 26.2, it is one of the more difficult !

    On the one hand Chicago is so metropolitan and everyone loves the run there.
    On the other hand, W.DC. offers a good time too.

    I am sorry I can not give an answer . . . it is hard . . I can only say, go where you are most interested and want to travel.

    Is your time a big issue? You'd probably get a good time at either venue, shaving 15 minutes off your NY.

    In my day I have done: NY(5x) , Chicago, Montreal, DisneyWorld, and Greater Hartford
  6. Chicago! though I am biased lol. From friends who have run the marathon, they say its really cool to be running thru the city. chicago is a city of neighborhoods and you run through a couple of different ones with the marathon.
  7. I could have sworm the Marine Corps one was sold out...although, I could be completely thinking of something else.
  8. [FONT=&quot]Nah, registration doesn’t open for a few months. It does sell out fairly quickly though.[/FONT]
  9. I'm a little biased due to the military connection but I would be excited to do the MCM because of what a big deal it is and due to the fact that it is around their birthday and always an exciting time. They provided a MCM shadow event in Al Asad, Iraq this year and my friends out there ran in it and loved it!
  10. ^^^ candace117, you should pics (unless you are not allowed)
  11. I haven't run the Chicago but I have run the Marine Corps twice, last year and the year before. The race is great and the crowd support absolutely incredible. The course is beautiful!! I'm not sure how familiar you are with DC but you start off at the Pentagon and run through Roslynn over into Georgetown down to the National Mall and back over into Crystal City past Arlington Cemetery and ending up near Marine Corps Memorial. It was amazing to see so many runners running in memory of someone who fought in any of the wars. It was very emotional. The only downside to the race is it is pretty crowded. If your looking for a PR it might be difficult due to the crowds. However, the crowds do create a great energy throughout the whole race. I absolutely love, love, love this race and cannot say enough good things about it. Also, the weather in DC is great that time of year. Good luck on your choice!
  12. I say Chicago - we do a good Marathon... of course I am biased.. but the city is stunning that time of year and the neighborhoods are awesome - especially China Town... I know I will be out there this year rooting for several friends - I can add you to the list.. :smile: lol
  13. gucci fan">
    definitely an emotional race, amazing crowd support, and through such beautiful parts of dc : )
  14. This is SUCH a hard decision!!!!

    I live in a somewhat hilly area so again, intrigued by the thought of flat. But then again, I won't be used to 26 miles of flat so I could be struggling just using those same muscles over & over.....but then again, I've run NYC so I've done a race that was hilly & it might be nice to try one with a different terrain.....:thinking:
  15. chicago's a fast course... there are some mild hills in the beginning and the end... that's about it...

    i can see how this is a hard decision... either way, both races are awesome!! you can't lose out on either area...