Marine city...hard to find??

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  1. I have been looking at the pics and I am in LOVE with the marine color, does anyone know if thats a hard color to find, or if BALNY has it?
  2. I was there 2 days ago and I believe they have it... Not 100% sure but I think they do.
  3. I got mine at BalNY a few weeks ago. I got the RH over GH.
  4. As of 3PM today, BalNY has one :yes:
  5. Barneys Seattle had one RH and one GH as of Sunday. Given our total lack of taste and style here in the Crocs-loving Pacific Northwest, I'd say it's a safe bet they're still there too.

  6. so i have another girls just call and ask an SA to ship it over to you, give credit card info and thats it? I know I should just probably drive in but im lazy:P
  7. yup, it's that easy! go for it :tup:
  8. go for it - its the most amazing bal I have!
  9. OMG!!!! I think im gonna call :nuts:
  10. I ordered it!!!! :nuts:...its not shipping til tuesday, but it should get here quickly !!! Thanks guys for the help!!

  11. Oh girl, I feel your pain. At least you are on the somewhat stylish side of the state, instead of being stuck in the fashion desert like myself. The closest thing Spokane has in regards to high end shopping is one lame Nordstrom. What is up w/ all the crocs? I go into my kids school and it is a rubber shoe paradise! I swore I would never buy them. Now my kids have just about every color, thanks to Auntie. BTW, Auntie, until last week lived in Seattle!
  12. ^--- crocs are HUGE in Alaska------ it's like mandatory.


  13. CONGRATS :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: So glad it worked out for you :yes: Post pics so we can all :drool:
  14. It's such a beautiful color! I love the marine.
  15. I live a little south of Seattle - what are crocs? I agree that Seattle is not a style capital of the US. I've never seen another person with a Balenciaga bag here ever but I don't mind since I love mine. Peggy