Marine/Blueberry comparision and question

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  1. My two blues are so similar I think! The WE is Marine and the First is Blueberry. Is there any chance the Marine WE is actually Blueberry? I bought it used with no Balenciaga tags but it was purchased in 2008 from Neiman Marcus. Would NM still have any Blueberrys in the back two years later?

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  2. check the plate into the first. I have the Blueberry city and it has a W for 2006. HTH
  3. I think it's definitely possible. I just found out yesterday, that one of the Nordstrom stores had 2006 bags......still in stock!

  4. I know the Blueberry is a Blueberry....I just wonder if the Marine is too! It's soooo similar and I always thought Marine looked darker in pictures. Plus the leather does not seem like Agneau, it's just like my other Chevre bags. But it was bought in 2008 so I always just assumed it was Marine.
  5. can you post side by side pictures? marine 07 is very different from blueberry, you should easily notice the difference:drool: i love blueberry to pieces
  6. Ok, I will go do that now....what about Marine 08? Is that lighter than 07 and more like Blueberry?
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    I think Marine 08 is more like Blueberry but as I've never had both together, I can't be sure.
  8. Here they are together. The Blueberry actually looks a bit darker than the WE in these pictures.

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  9. I'd say your WE is 08 Marine :yes:

  10. Thanks Livia1, that's what I had always assumed ....very similar to Blueberry however, especially outside in sunlight!
  11. Your WE also looks very much like Officier in this pic. And Officier sometimes looks like Blueberry :P
    They are certainly both very, very beautiful!
  12. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  13. they are both beautiful blues!