marine/anthracite owners please help!

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  1. hi girls!! i need help with this! i saw a girl carrying the most gorgeous shade of blue city about 2 months back and i can't seem to get the picture of her bag out of my mind even though i got a red city last month! i have to get that gorgeous blue bag!! the problem is, i'm not too sure what is the shade of the bag she's carrying :confused1:

    it looks like a really dark and rich shade of blue so i'm guessing it's either marine or anthracite but i'm not too sure which one! i'm inclined to marine but i can't seem to find many marine pictures here and most of them look black half of the time!

    does marine/anthracite look too close to black? or do they actually look blue in real life? i've not seen them in real life before so i'm really curious to find out! :yes:

    OR could the gorgeous blue be blueberry??!!!! :crybaby:it looks like a really rich navy, something like my dark washed jeans..please help me and show pictures of your marine/anthracite/blueberry bags!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH!!!! :sweatdrop::push::shame:
  2. Hello! Hope this helps... I don't have Anthracite, but I do have Blueberry & Marine to compare...

    First pic is with flash, second pic without flash, third pic I grabbed a black cardigan from the closet to show the difference between them & black... You can tell a difference between Marine & black... even moreso in the sunlight~!

    The true colors are somewhere between the pic with flash & the one without... the Blueberry really is a color close to what I would envision a blueberry being... and Marine is a deep navy blue - darker indoors, but definately blue in the sun.

    Good luck! :tup: (Please excuse the pile of clothing & Luna napping in the background, we're having a lazy day. However, I'm not busy, bored actually - so let me know if you would like additional comparision pics! :p)
    cropped1.jpg cropped2.jpg cropped3.jpg
  3. Here's my Marine Giant Hobo, it's a fabulous gemmy color like a sapphire when in the sunlight.

  4. it's also possible her bag was ink...
  5. Which one is the blueberry? Thanks!

    Your bags are gorgeous, as is the giant hobo! Wowza! :tup:
  6. Oh yes!! Sorry about that!! On the left is 06 Blueberry Mini-Bowling, on the right is 07 Marine City. :love:

    Thanks! ;) I love my Bal-blues!! Also, my Marine looks close to the pic that RealDeal posted IRL!
  7. Here's a couple Ink bags for color reference, some of these bags were really purple especially in the sunlight:



    Too bad I don't have an Ink bag to compare with the Marine right now. Sometimes I think my Marine looks a lot like the Ink but it's via memory not next to one another.
  8. I just shot Miss Marine again without flash in natural indirect light:

  9. I agree. I know they don't always turn out with the same tones, but the Ink I used to own had alot of purple undertone in it - whereas, Marine is definately a pure navy blue.


    In this pic, the bag all the way to the right is an Ink First. (Its has a new owner now.) It is laying on top of a Marine City. You can kind of tell that the colors are similiar - yet subtly different... sorry the pic isn't that good!!
  10. Her'e My marine city w/ GH

    It is a pretty darn accurate color of my bag and the shiny leather.

    Hope it helps.

  11. ^ Gorgeous!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: You've captured in a picture, exactly how mine looks IRL!! (Only with RH.) WOW!!! Great pic!!
  12. My anthra is definitely more blue than grey, so I would say it depends on the particular bag, but I wouldn't rule out anthra as the mystery blue completely (there's just so many variations in the color, it's hard to say for sure). I actually think of mine as midnight blue with greyish undertones rather than grey with blue undertones. Here are a couple of pics, first 2 in natural, indirect light and last one w/flash.
    antha new 1.JPG anthra new 2.JPG anthra new 3.JPG
  13. Here is comparison pics :Anthracite vs Ink (the small Work ;) )
  14. Here's my anthracite:


    Outdoor sun and shadow.
  15. I saw Anthracite for the first time IRL today... and it was GORGEOUS!! :drool:

    Lovely bags ladies!! It really goes change colors depending on the light!! Anthra looked teal, gray, black... it was ever-changing! :tup: