marine and blueberry comparison pics? anyone?

  1. I'm wondering how similar these two colors are. I have a blueberry (but might be selling) and I loove the color but I don't see many of them on eBay anymore so I'm wondering if I could substitute with marine? Does anyone have both colors? Thanks!
  2. what about ocean and blueberry?
  3. No comparison, but here's my Marine City!
    007 - Copy (2).JPG 004 - Copy (2).JPG
  4. [​IMG]
    This is my most broken in and smooshy bag...It's better than my 05 leathers!
  5. KDC everytime I see a picture of your marine city posted, my heart skips a beat! It's so smooshy and beautiful!
  6. omg KDC that marine is so terrific!! No one has comparison pics?
  7. i have a blueberry boobie and my mother has a marine first, i could take pics some time but i don't know how soon. they are quite similar though, the marine is a little darker and tends more towards navy.
  8. thanks annanas. whenever you get a chance. I'm just trying to convince myself that there are other colors out there as fabulous as my blueberry day.. I love her but I don't wear the day style as much as I would a city.
  9. Here are separate photos of a marine city (I didn't end up keeping) and my blueberry city.
    marinecity3frontflat.JPG blueberrycity1front.JPG
  10. thanks citychris. that is definitely helpful.. I love my blueberry so muchhhh ahhh now I'm scared I won't find another blue I love as much!!
  11. I really love Marine...such a gorgeous blue!!! Bal really released some nice blues this season...but alas they don't get as much attention as the violet & juane!
  12. Very close color! I think the marine is deeper and the blueberry is richer and brighter.

    (P.S. I only have the marine color in Matelasse)
  13. OMG! wantmore...You have a Marine Matelasse!!!!!!
  14. Sorry, no comparison pics...but here is my Marine