marina pm or neo cabby?!

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  1. i'm thinking of getting an LV bag for myself this christmas, i'm choosing between mini lin marina pm, or the black denim neo cabby gm. at first i was all set for the marina pm, but after reading about the neo cabby and trying it on, im now having second thoughts about it. i like that they can be worn messenger bag style aside from the usual hand-held or shoulder strap. but i;m really having a hard time deciding which one to choose. i have some doubts with the color of the marina pm, though i have a bag in much lighter color and white leather strap which still looks good after 2 years. but im afraid it will eventually turn grayish or something. as for the neo cabby, the mm size is perfect for me, but its strap isn't long enough to be worn across the body, while the gm is a little big for me. help!
  2. I would get the cabby because I would be way to stressed that the other one would get dirty. I also like the GM I prefer bigger bags. I dont feel that it is that big and probably would look great on anyone no matter their size.
  3. cabby! so much cuter!
  4. I love the Cabby!!
  5. The cabby is awesome! The MM is to die for! I didn't like the GM either.
  6. Marina PM. I like it more than the cabby because it is a light color. It is fun and refreshing and as you said has the longer sstrap that lets you wear it messenger style. I'm not too worried that it will get dirty since you could scotchguard it and cleam with babywipes.
  7. i prefer the cabby
  8. marina pm! i want one but still debating. You should hurry with your decision though..the marina pm is selling out fast
  9. That's a hard decision! I would go for the cabby!
  10. i ADORE the black neo cabby!!!!
  11. i prefer the marina! in red =]
  12. i love both bags equally so it's hard to choose, but I would go for the Cabby if I had to choose for the versatility and it seems more durable and less prone to stains, color transfer etc. It is also much easier to wear the bag with more outfits...reagarless they are both so cute!
  13. black neo cabby
  14. ITA! Good luck with your decision.
  15. I prefer the cabby GM ... I love that it can be carried messenger style, on the shoulder or handheld.