Marina/Multipocket/Sophia/Selma/etc - good prices

  1. Some MJ bags (older styles/colors) are being sold for less than retail at CoCo's Closet (known for selling authentic stuffs).

    olive/ivory Marina (Katie Holmes carries the black one) - BIN $599

    large emerald green multipocket - BIN $599

    small Red Multipocket - BIN $525

    black Selma - BIN $650 (Leshent has taupe Selma for $479)

    fuchsia pink sophia - BIN $525

    red pocket purse - BIN $575

    rouge red handbag briefcase

    small green leather handbag

    For more, check out CoCo's Closet:
  2. thanks for posting. I've been searching desperately for a Sophia
  3. :hrmm: Hmmm...I dunno about this Marina, it bothers me. I have one in Denim/blue colored leather and many of the details are not like this. For one thing, the Marina doesn't zip across the top, it zips in the middle inside but the top is open, and the pocket on this is way too big. There should be two grommets where the handles attach, not just one. The whole shape of the top is wrong, and there should be a metal ring where the leather is gathered at the sides (this bag is sans rings). Looks phony to me. I will try and and post photos of mine sometime soon....but until then, there should still be some stock photos on of the Marina in White and was under Resort 2005 Womens in the top row.

    (a bit later)...more wrongnesses: the handles are attached too low, there should be no pull tab where the zipper is, the side gusset buckles are inaccurate, and there are no loops where there should be...
  4. Is the provided link for a purse called Marina or another style? I'm not sure, it doesn't say so on the site; I should just copy the info on the page rather than adding extra name/details. I think it looks like the one Katie Holmes has, but I can be absolutely wrong though. Please provide the correct name if anyone knows. I only have Patent Elise which looks a little bit similar as welll.

    I'm quite sure this ebayer sells authentic stuffs. In case anyone wonders, I'm not the seller! =)

  5. I found a stock photo of the Marina in Canary w/gold hardware:


    My denim blue one has two-tone color like this. What disturbs me about the Olive bag listed, whatever it is called, is that the leather looks all puffy and styrofoamy...and the stitching around the pushlock looks shoddy. Even if it isn't a Marina, it still looks like really bad news, IMO.:blink:
  6. Is it possible the bag being called the Marina is really the Elise? They are somewhat similar.
  7. I am such a big fan of the multi pocket look-one day day
  8. That olive colored thing is definitely not an Elise! In fact, I don't think it's even a genuine style, I think it's a mutant phony. Can't everybody plainly see that the craftsmanship is, well...crapsmanship? :yucky: Somebody has "Bought-It-Now" for $600.00!

    That aside, it is true that the Marina and Elise have quite a few design similarities, including a single front pushlock pocket, double rolled handles with rings, and side gussets with buckles.