Marina GM vs. Marina PM

  1. Hello,

    Do any of you know the difference in the length of the shoulder strap between the Marina GM & PM?

    I have the GM on hold for me for Wednesday's PSN, but the store didn't have a PM for me to try on...

    I'm having second thoughts about the GM... would it be too big for regular use? I don't carry THAT much stuff. I'm thinking about the PM, but I need to know if that one will be too short on me... I want to be able to carry it across my body.

    I tried on the neo cabby GM, & that one was a little too short for my liking.
    I'm 5'8
  2. I haven't seen them IRL to compare side by side (only pics) but I prefer the shape of the PM it seems perfectly in proportion where as the GM is wider than it is tall
  3. I have both the pm & gm and I would say that the straps have the same length. If you don't really carry that much stuff, I would suggest you get the pm:smile:.
  4. i tried on the GM and for me it was too big. i'm waiting to see the PM IRL to see if that would fit better. From the looks on the pictures here, seems like PM is the perfect size.
  5. Oh, that is wonderful news!!!

    PM it is then!