Marina Dolidze Style Thread

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  4. love her.. can someone id last outfit.. tnx.. :smile:
  5. The skirt is from Carven
  6. tnx :smile:
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  8. uuuh NOT fan of this last outfit.. :/
  9. another super stylish russian girl Natasha Goldenberg
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  11. Another "family member" of mine - Natasha Goldenberg according to you along with Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova and Ulyana Sergeenko. Btw I am not a he, but thanks for paying so much attention to this thread anyways. I think you should be spreading your goodwill elsewhere, as obviously you have absolutely nothing relevant to say about the key word - style!
  12. hmm, you right.. she is smiling but face is full of unhappiness
  13. she never wearing bra, just wondering is that in style now?
  14. .. looks like a drunk here
  15. hey A373795A
    I am fully agree with you... I can tell that Marina ended up in fashion accidentaly .. according to her interview..