Marimekko for H&M

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  1. The press release from H&M said that this would be in stores today (4/10), but I went to H&M at lunch and it wasn't there yet :sad:

    Does anyone know more about this? Or, has anyone seen it at their H&M?

    The collection is really fun and can view it on the H&M site.
  2. I saw it in the window of the Oxford Street branch in London today, looked quite nice but not my cuppa
  3. At least here most of the items are already sold out. I got one tunic and ordered another one from their website. I come from the same country than Marimekko so I was really looking forward to see their collection. It was ok but nothing really special.
  4. ^^^ Love your Marimekko shops in Helsinki, full of cute goodies
  5. The things are cute, but not my style (to colorful for me). I am wondering, if they already started in Germany. I will check tomorrow.
  6. are there press release images of the collection somewhere??
  7. uuuh, saw the collection in london oxford circus. the prints are wild alright, but not exactly my cup of tea. Some items are amazing though! there's one really cute playsuit and also two gorgeous necklaces :smile:
  8. They had a marimekko shop in Iceland when I visited there last week and the stuff esp the bags were really colourful and pretty!
  9. i love the balck&white maxi dress!
  10. I bought the white t-shirt with the black print.
  11. I finally saw the Marimekko stuff today. Didn't like it much - just really not my style - but I guess the colorful pieces will look great on blonds.
  12. I saw some of the pieces today. I didn't really think they were my style - too pouffy or something.
  13. I just bought the black/white print t-shirt. I liked the shorter dress but it didn't fit quite right. I'm starting to like H&M again - finding the joy in cheap, fun clothes!
  14. Ooh just browse the collection through the website. I actually like it. There are a few pieces that I would totally wear! Too bad I just moved back to my home country and no H&M here :tdown:
  15. I actually really liked the styles...there was one dress that I really liked but the patterns are too much for me.