Marilyn or palermo?

  1. hi there...

    I'm thinking of buying marilyn but am a tad skeptical after seeing palermo. I'm really torn between these two.. i already have 1 mono and 2 damiers in my collection, so i guess it's only wise to go for multicolore this time...

    But i still cant make up my mind!!! help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......
  2. The Marilyn is very pretty, but I think it is small. The Palermo is pretty too and I think would be quite useful!
    I guess it really depends on what you "need" your next bag to do for you. :smile:
    I'd probably choose the Palermo.
  3. Yup, I'd go with the Palermo, the Marilyn is too tiny IMO.
  4. Palermo....Marilyn is an evening bag.
  5. I vote for the Palermo--the Marilyn does seem a bit small. If you want something in MC and slightly bigger, maybe consider the MC Trouville?
  6. I say palermo, unless you need a small bag then the marilyn would be great!
  7. PALERMO!!!!! Either size will do ;] I love my GM.
  8. for me, It's Marilyn. You don't have any MC yet, so this should be the time. I have the Trouville and if you like hand-held, Trouville is awsome.
  9. Marilyn, unless you need a bigger bag than Palermo.