Marilyn or no Marilyn?

  1. I recently purchased the white mc Marilyn bag, but I found the bag's hard to carry as a shoulder bag and I also tried to carry it on hand, but it looked weird. Not to mention it is kind of heavy :sad: ....

    I still have more than a week to exchange it, should I get a mc white Boulogne or popincourt haut or KEEP IT(?) need opinions! please help! :confused1:
  2. if your not comfortable with it might as well exchange it, because do you want to pay 1000 plus USD on something you dont feel comfortable with and doesnt appeal to you? and will regret later on buying?and people will always have comment on your bag whether its mc marilyn or poppincourt it doesnt really matter because almost all of LV bags are gorgeou so better buy something you might feel content with.they are not gonna comment on how comfortable you carry it because its not there bag right? my point is all their gonna say is your bag is lovely thats it so better hear all those comments with the comfort of that bag will give you. :p :p :p
  3. IMHO: I'd exchange it and get a MC Boulogne. I'm not a fan of the Marilyn. :s
  4. is the boulogne big? 14.3 x 14.9 x 3.9 ... sounds pretty big but looked small in the photo (?) :confused1:
  5. I would exchange it for the Ursula. The Ursula is only about $1,900 and you get the same details and character that you have in your current bag and can be worn on the shoulder. Plus I think it looks stunning!
  6. I'd exchange it for the Boulogne!! I LOVE that bag!!
  7. Sounds like you are not enjoying the Marilyn. Exchange it and see how you go with an Ursula.
  8. thx for all the replies :heart:

    my final decision is to keep it, and maybe i'll get the other 2 bags later on. I found a way to carry it! I just luv the design so i'm not gonna give up easily - since it took me awhile to decide on this bag as well :sweatdrop:
  9. Good decision! You can always buy more bags for different moods and occasions