Marilyn or Houston?

  1. I am in a dilemma.

    Should i get the Marilyn in white or the Houston in Raspberry

    both are for different functions but i practically live out of a big bag..

    and i am thinking while the marilyn is very feminine and posh-looking, its kinda small

    and the houston is just a bit too casual. But i like the idea of a girly pink bag.

  2. can you post pics of the 2?
  3. I'd go for the Houston. You'll get more use out of it.
  4. Houston for sure..I have that one in the same color and it's gorgeous. The Marilyn is too tiny.
  5. Marilyn.
  6. I have the Houston in amarante, but I love the bag. I use it the most and find it very practical. I can throw alot into it.
  7. Marilyn I like it better :smile:
  8. Marilyn in white:

    Houston in Framboise:
  9. toughie!

    i love both! and they are both SO different!

    i think, if u want a change of pace .. and not such a big bag, go for the marilyn! it's SOO cute!

    .. but so is the houston, and like u said, very girly! i love it! so cutesy! haha!

    okay. so, ultimatetly i provided no help haha! good luck, girlie!
  10. I've always liked the marilyn.. Its really pretty. And i dun think its very small..
  11. oh no.. i like both..and they both seem different..

    thanks girls, for your help and the pictures
  12. you have to get the Marilyn...
  13. I like the Marilyn. With all the colors I think it will go with more outfits.
  14. Houston it's bigger yoiu'll get more use out of it

    (or get the marilyn with pink alligator trim then you get the marilyn & a pink bags :graucho:)
  15. Marylin in alligator Fuschia. :yes: