Marilyn Manson's new girlfriend

  1. Hello,I've just seen that MM got a new girlfriend and it is 19 years old Evan Rachel Wood..It is said that MM is acting as an adulterer due to the age of Rachel...I know that MM is not normal but his gf should know it too..and if she still dating him,it means that she must be in love...


  2. OMG what kills me about that is that it seems she is "trying" to be like Dita with the clothes in the last picture with MM. UGH She doesn't even compare!
  3. who is she?
    she's nothing compared to dita von teese or rose
  4. Yeah she is nothing compared to her..she was made for MM but now it's over...

  5. I love that picture. It's my gothy side. I just can't let it go...LOL

  6. In this pic you can see a painting of Rachel that Manson made himself....

  7. scary
  8. That's not normal. He's not normal and that poor girl must be crazy too.
    I'm sorry, but I'm not a big fan of this man.
  9. spooky. the new gf seems so normal.
  10. Can´t believe that......that sweet little girl from that show ??? can´t remember the name.
  11. She's the little girl that played a role in Thirteen and Simone!!!:wtf:
    But then again she was in a series called American Gothic when she was I guess that shows something!!!LOL!:roflmfao:
  12. Pretty good painting tho.
  13. her parents must be so proud :push:
  14. Talk about odd couple.
  15. They ended their marriage less than a month ago! (Well, Dita ended it.)

    You'd think he'd spend more time recuperating before looking for someone else!

    Does his new girlfriend know that? How does she feel about being the rebound woman?