Marilyn Manson & Evan Rachel In Paris.... Oui Oui

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  3. Ya know... There is alot that I like about MM. BUT- I'm not sure how one gets behind the facade and really knows/understands someone like him on a personal level. He is super creepy looking.
  4. He scares me.
  5. I still see her as that confused little girl in Thirteen, so it's weird seing her with MM, but as long as they're happy :smile:
  6. he looks like a paedophile...I'm sorry if this is harsh but that's the impression these pictures leave me...
  7. There is just something about MM...I'm not sure if it's the "gawk at a train wreck" type thing or what...but he is quite fascinating to me. :nuts:
  8. Interesting. I liked him with Dita better though..
  9. I'm still a little scared when I see his pictures.. I'm sure hes a nice man really but.... He has a face only a Mother could love.. :cry:
  10. They are both very's disturbing.
  11. He was on french TV last night. I think that he is a little weird but it doesn't bother me. The girl I'm not too fond of.
  12. They look fantastic together here! As a HUGE Lolita/Nobokov fan i love how she's totally obsessed with this look! Perfect! :yes:
  13. You know, I'm embarrassed to admit this now but when I was going through my teen angst rebellion phase I went to a Marilyn Manson concert. We had pretty good seats and was situated out front. I remember him coming out doing "Beautiful People" in stilts and me thinking..."Woah. This man is so scary looking!!!" But he was extremely talented and I enjoyed myself....

    ...until two months later when I ebbed away from that phase and went to my hip-hop phase...and my prep phase...and my skater

    Point is, he's good for entertainment value. :p
  14. I was thinking the same thing. For some reason she looks like a child when she is next to him. He kind of scares me but he is very talented.
  15. I love MM. Was my one of my types of music while growing up. But I agree with him and Dita was way better.