Marilyn is Calling

  1. Winotty, you are a lucky gal!

    I looked at this baby today :drool:

    The black Marilyn is hot, I know we all tagged last years cabochan pochette "The Elvis" but I have to say that Marilyn is Elvis. Not Elvis in his bloated white jumpsuited days but ELVIS in that special from Hawaii. All black jumpsuit & gyrating hips. This bag is gorgeous, sexy & a little bit .....dangerous :graucho: I think the chains on the handles let her swivel around just like Elvis" censored hips & the studs, well they are studs!! OMG I do not need another small bag, I need a black bag that I can wear with anything & everything but I need a marilyn to spice up my life.
    Hats off to all who have one, I am consumed with jealousy, but so happy for you gals at the same time. I need a way to justify Marilyn....any ideas how to melt my DH heart?
  2. man o man how friggen CUTE would that Marilyn be!

    The complete upside of this is that the bag is permanent and NOT LE! So, if it can wait- it can wait........but I'm not a "wait-er" I BUY......sorry for semi-enabling you...:drinks: CHEERS to the Marilyn!
  3. when seeing the look book I flicked right by these they didn't really do it for me BUT when the tpf pics started appearing OH MY I totally agree she is a beauty!!! Like frozen said she's her to stay so at least there is no rush UNLESS you want the exotic version :graucho:
  4. I love her too! I am not a huge MC fan but for some reason the Marilyn is just calling my name! LOL
  5. I tried one of these on yesterday and fell in love with it.
  6. I love this bag i wish i had the money to buy it.
  7. That black Marilyn is sooooo hot IRL! If I weren't allergic to small bags (lol), that would be the one I would get!!

  8. Gotta get the Marilyn, Crystal!! I think it's been calling your name ever since it launched. lol It is one beautiful bag!:yes:
  9. Oh....thanks! She is a beauty! Did you check MC Clubhouse? I posted a few pics of inside and what fits in it. It actually holds a lot more than you think.....there, that's your justification, not a small bag at all!!
  10. The Marilyn is pretty cute!
  11. I'm so so tempted to get it. When I saw it in the lookbook, it was blah, but when I saw the black on the tpfer's, yum! I might have to get it eventually, afterall it is my name.
  12. i love this bag! i saw it irl, its smaller than ya think though...
  13. Temptation, temptation, temptation!!!! Afraid to look again because it is too cute and I'm supposed to have bigger bags only for all my daily essentials.:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  14. can someone show the picture from lookbook?
  15. The marylin is def a gorg bag. I;d just be concerned abt scratching the HW.