marilyn in black or white?


multicolor black marilyn or white marilyn?

  1. black marilyn

  2. white marilyn

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  1. people, please take a vote here. do u think the marilyn is prettier in black or white? considering after long usage.. and with patina on it. :smile: thanks
  2. get the White MC, I don't like black MC and it doesn't look good with patina in my opinion...
  3. White - so pretty! Its a very cute and feminie bag. But all in all, I have not seen a MC bag that I liked more in black...
  4. YES> GET IT IN WHITE. the black isnt something id die for. like latinmalemodel said, they dont look so great when they patina
  5. white one...
  6. Another vote for white:tup:
  7. I think the white is prettier than the black. JMHO.
  8. white, I'm not a big lover of the black mc.
  9. I vote for white :smile: Don't know why but I always keen MC White. I've sold my MC Black, I just feel not to comfy with my MC Black.
  10. I normally prefer black MC but I prefer white on the Marilyn.
  11. i thought some says the patina looks ugly on white mc ??
  12. The dark patina on the white MC looks yummy! I wouldn't have believed that the patina would look great on a light coloured bag, but I've seen pictures on here with a healthy patina on both a white MC and an azur and they both look gorgeous!
  13. white gets my vote
  14. everyone says white. I got one in white. it's just way too pretty
  15. may i ask if the bag is bulky and heavy because of the chain? anymore opinions on this bag?? is it a bag that can be dressed up and down too ?