Marigold Work...

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  1. I would like to again thank everyone who voted on my Marigold or Sienna thread!

    Here's the winner....

    MARIGOLD WORK...:heart:



    This color is a very accurate representation (I love the leather too!)...


    I was really surprised as to how wearable Marigold seems to be...


    And I do have to admit, by adding Marigold it completed changed how my collection looks...





  2. Wow! Those photos are the best! I think you just added some sunshine to your collection. What a beautiful pop of color! And I love it with the RH!

  3. That marigold is gorgeous! It really does change your overall collection (for the better!)

    BTW, your second pic would make a wonderful desktop wallpaper! :heart:
  4. Oh yummy!!! I LOVE it!!!! Glad we picked out the best bag (I did vote for the sienna I think, sorry!)!!
  5. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Congrats ICB!!!! It's a fabulous addition to your collection.........all I can say is WOW!!!!!
  6. fabulous! fabulous! great collection you have there ICB. i am still waiting to see the marigold in a city and a twiggy before i make up my mind. what was your initial reaction when you saw your bag for the first time?
  7. It's fabulous!
  8. wow!!! that is really really amazing. it is so cool how one color changes how the whole collection looks!

    love it!
  9. Oh wow ICB!!!! Thats all i can say really im speecless! I am now excited over the wait for a Jaune RH day!!!!
  10. It's gorgey!!!! What a score! I love the pop of color and the rich golden tone. Congrats!!!
  11. WOW ICB can't wait to see you with this color. :nuts::pCongrats.:yahoo:
  12. Great photos! ITA, the marigold completely changes how your collection looks. Congrats.
  13. YEEAAHHHHHH that's FANTASTIC news :nuts::yahoo: !!! CONGRATS :heart:'P' incoral..... - well done :tup: ! I voted for just THIS marigold work, it would be my choice too :yes:!
    She's BREATHTAKING - OMG ... I can't find words enough .... I'm speechless :tender:!

    So I LOOOOVE your current collection very much ..... you've a fantastic taste ;)

  14. Looks FAB! :heart:
  15. cOngrats on your new addition.. its Gorgeous.. and Marigold totally adds a KaPow in your collection. What color is that Blue RH work? I think ones a French Blue, what color is the other one?..

    TIA.. COngrats again! :yes: