Marigold Twiggy on Ebay Now -Opinions Please!

  1. I have been looking for this color twiggy in a long time...Does this look good to you guys? Appreciate any input. Thanks!
  2. do you have a link? i think the bag you're thinking about is probably a jaune from 07, not a marigold from 04...
  3. I have not seen the auction, but if you are asking for opinions on the jaune twiggy itself, then I say go for it. I have this bag and it is one of my favorite Balenciaga colors.
  4. it looks good to me :tup:
  5. I love the twiggy in jaune. Would look v cool.
  6. I love the colour Jaune. A lot of styles IMO looks great in this colour, Work, City, Day & Twiggy!!! So if it is Jaune Twiggy, GET IT!!!
  7. thanks guys!!!might just take the plunge:smile:
  8. it's gorgeous! good luck!