Marigold Silver GH or Magenta Gold GH - Dilemma - Which one?

  1. Finally rang BalNY,
    spoke to Daphne as recommended by everyone here and finally dare to put myself for City Marigold Silver GH :yahoo:
    She is uncertain if this style will come in but she promised she will give me a call if it does..:smile:

    As I live in Aust, there will US$70 shipping :sweatdrop: *eek! plus the custom I will have to pay 2 :crybaby:

    Now being a stingy :greengrin: should I wait for AR just to see if they will be stocking this colour to avoid paying the $70?

    Also my other dilemma is the Magenta in Gold GH.
    I really want this colour too but just simply can't spend money for two bag in one go but both of them are desirable colours as she said so I am worried that I won't get a portion in the already so long waiting list :sweatdrop:

    Then last night I was procrastinating perhaps I could get the Marigold in Day style so I can justify spending money on two bags...
    Oh really dont know...have to make my mind by end of today cos promised to get back to Daphne...
    :shrugs: what to do? what to do?

    Opinions please? :sweatdrop:

  2. I say get both. And if you really prefer the City, get the City in both colors. Your justification is that one has Gold GH and the other has Silver GH. I think the Marigold will look incredible in the Day as well. But definitely take advantage of the opportunity that Bal is giving us.
  3. I think the Magenta looks great with the Gold or Silver Giant Hardware and the Marigold looks better with Classic Hardware, so I'd go for the Day bag in that.
  4. Thank you! :yes:
    I like that idea of getting the Marigold in Day cos I've been wanting a day for ages for never quite find colour that I like!

    Can I please ask since I am so new in this B Bag business :sweatdrop: does AR have same stock as BalNY?

    TIA :yes:
  5. No, they don't - there's no way to know what they are going to order compared to what BalNY is going to order unless you ask them and they tell you. ;)
  6. AR will have the new stocks but they may not think all the seasons/ is to check with Bal NY as they are the ones who will release the new range to the respective distributors. However, if u jus want to save the shippin costs, then u can take the risk to wait for the new arrivals in AR....:smile:
  7. Thanks Celia!
    I really dont want to miss out :yes:
    so I think I will just put my name with Bal NY...:graucho:

  8. Thanks for the info Fiatflux :yes:

    I have emailed AR and they said they are unable to provide me with any info as for now so I have to email again later...

  9. I just wanted to add, that Balenciaga NY gets first PRIORITY to the collections they can carry over Department and other specialty stores.