Marigold SGH or GGH?

  1. Hi everyone here,

    I am thinking about getting a marigold GH day. But I am not sure if this style comes with the silver GH only or it has the gold GH avilable too.

    Also, about the GH clutch in the attached picture, how much that will cost?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Marigold will be available with gold GH, at least at BNY. You will have to check with them as to which styles, availability, etc. The envelope clutch with GH is about $995 retail, I think. :smile:
  3. Thanks a lot, rollergirl!
    $995 for the clutch? It is quite expensive! I was thinking to waitlist it if it is $695.
  4. the marigold will also be available in SGH at Nordstrom
  5. BTW, there will probably also be silver GH at BNY, and regular.
  6. I'd go RH
  7. me too.
  8. I'd go for the RH too but, if you have your heart set on GH, I'd say gold would be prettier with Marigold :yes: