Marigold, Scarlet or Grey?


Sep 9, 2013
I so want to keep all three of them!! :biggrin:

Scarlet is actually darker than I had imagined! The colour is just like the cherry colour of the Legacy collection! It's sort of pinkish in the website pictures so when I ordered it I thought that I'd definitely be returning it. Grey also looked more icy and Marigold looked more yellow.

The first one I ordered was Marigold. Then it arrived and I wasn't so sure so I ordered Grey and Scarlet to see if I'd rather keep one of them. Now, that I've seen all three of them together and on this beautiful sunny day (it was raining all week), I have started warming up to Marigold! I think the colour would look great on summer and it would also add a bit of joy in a dark winter outfit!

But then Scarlet is so captivating! It's the perfect red IMHO. I have a cherry Bucket, but I just bought it a week ago and haven't used it so I can definitely return it. The strap in the Phoebe is slightly longer so it will definitely be more useful than the Bucket if I choose to keep Phoebe.

To be honest, I cannot really decide if Grey is the colour for me! Most of my clothes are black, grey white or navy. My shoes as well! Only my hoodies are colourful, but I never wear any designer bags with them! :biggrin: I think I'd like to add a little bit of colour with a nice bag!


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Jan 3, 2010
I love Marigold :smile: but scarlet is easier to wear. I don't like the lilac undertones in Grey Quartz. Too dusty for me, but that's just me. It would look stunning with gunmetal hardware instead of silver, though.


Feb 10, 2013
If most of your clothes are black, grey, white or navy I think the scarlet would be a fabulous pop of color with your outfits! That's also my favorite color of the three!! :smile: Whichever you choose, the bags are lovely, enjoy!!


Sep 10, 2012
All such great choices, you really can't go wrong! Thanks for posting the pics. I do appreciate and love looking at them. Being a neutral bag person, I would choose the Grey but that's me. Go with what you need in your collection and what you love! I couldn't bring a few home to choose from. I would want to keep all of 'em.