marigold, mustard, or pumpkin? why?

  1. i have been taking peeks at my next colours, and comparing emerald with seafoam, and now marigold/mustard (are they really different?) and pumpkin. can you share which do you prefer and why? does it have something to do with skin tone the way clothings are? thanks!
  2. I have a mustard first and I'm never seen a marigold IRL, but I think they seem really similar. I alos have a pumpkin city. I LOVE bright colors so that's why I have those ! Here ya go:
  3. Wow cassidyfit1 I adore your bags!! Well i own a marigold compagnon and make up but have never seen the others IRL so im not much help! lol Please see pics of my marigold compagnon
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  4. ^^ Wow your bags are amazing!!! I thought that marigold and mustard were the same? Like dark green is sapin.
  5. oops
    the link didnt work.... how do you do that?????
  6. I wear no orange and even though pumpkin is crazy gorgeous it's not for me. I love mustard and marigold.:love: Yellow is pretty too but paler and not as saturated as the other 2 yellows. Cassidy your bags look in mint condition. :drool:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. GOsh those are really great colours - colours that I wouldn't normally consider but they look so great
  9. i'm luving the marigold
  10. I got a 2004 yellow hobo bag recently, and it really has a lot of green in it. It isn't close to anis, but has some chartreuse tendencies when you see it in certain lights. I love looking at my new bag, but it maybe isn't the best color for a pale, pinkish person. all of which was meant to get to -- I love the marigold color!
  11. This is from the pics I've seen until now as I've never seen them IRL.

    - marigold/mustard (are they really different?)
    I believe mustard is more of a uniform color with a greenish undertone as opposed to marigold which seems to have a slight orange marbled undertone. I prefer the marigold myself, I find it richer. The yellow should be pretty easy to match as it's a primary color, especially if you wear a lot of denim or colorful prints.

    - pumpkin
    Beautiful color, although might be a little more difficult to marry. I find it mixes really well with blues - most especially denim - white would definitely make it's color explode as well. I would not suggest it if you wear a lot of earth tones like greens and browns as I believe it would give it a Halloweenish kind of look.

    Hope this helps.
  12. i had a pumpkin twiggy, but sold it because i don't really comfortable with the style.
    but i would LOVE to have an anis weekender :drool:
  13. Cassidy, do you have a picture of the inner tag of your yellow bag? I've seen the s/s 04 yellow & fw 04 marigold but never the mustard. Several of us were curious as how the tag looks on those when there was yellow bbag confusion on them a while back, but a pic was never posted after several requests.

    The marigold has brass, yellow has silver. Also, the marigold is darker (BNY calls it dark yellow), and yellow is brighter, almost a touch of neon but not pale at all (kind of like 04 lilac vs 03 lilac). They're both beautiful.
  14. Balenciaga missed out on a goldmine this year. Yellow bags are so in. They would have completely sold out. lovelygarments your bag is AMAZING!