marigold/jaune day or city?


Marigold day or city

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  2. city

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  1. Im loving the marigold bbags, and considering taking the plunge, but cant decide between the day or the city. I love the day style, but somehow i think itd be easier to pull of a marigold city. I possibly prefer the days in more neutral colours, but i really cant decide???
  2. Is it RH or GGH or GSH that you were cosidering? I have a RH Jaune day and this is her! She is a beauty and a fantastic colour for such a great style!


  3. ooo thank you for posting the pic, your day looks stunning!, has the colour been captured true to life? it really doesnt look as bright as i thought it would be. I think im thinking the RH

  4. Its probably a little brighter in real life, its not in your face neon yellow, its a lovely sunny yellow and still very bright! I think you would like it if you want a pop of colour!
  5. day
  6. Love The Jaune With The Regular Hardware
  7. I have the RH Jaune Day and it's absolutely perfect! Go for that, for sure :yes:
  8. Well, I should not even THINK about it, but I would love:girlsigh: a jaune city
  9. day.
  10. I would go with Day :yes:
  11. I voted the day, I think it really suits this style bag and I love the day!!
  12. I'm in the minority here and say city... coz I havent tried the Day yet IRL... so not sure what its like! but sammydoll does rock her jaune day!!! looks great on her and her pics are what made me really like the style and color!
  13. I say go with a day. I'd be worried about the handles on the city darkening over time.
  14. Thank you for the replies!
    The pics of your gorgeous day bags are really making me lean toward the day, I love the colour, it was my grans favourite colour so liek it for sentimental value too.
    I guess i just need to hunt one down now (im starting work soon so am hoping to spend my first paycheck on one). Ive been browsing the forum for ages, i love the bal leathers and chioce of colours, and the pricing isnt as bad as some bags, though think i may struggle to find a decent price in the uk