Marigold is not Pre-fall! The devastation! AAAAAGGHHH!

  1. Somewhere along the line I got very confused and thought that Marigold was coming as soon as June 10, but to my severe dismay, 2 SA's @ Balny told me on the phone today that it is not prefall. :crybaby:It will be in August when it comes. First Daphne told me this, but I was in denial so I called back later and talked to another SA and she confirmed not until August. BUMMER. August is going to be so expensive. I wanted to enjoy marigold very soon, oh well it will be Fab for Fall. :graucho:
  2. aww.... marigold would've been such a nice summer/spring colour....
  3. But it's a gorgeous Fall bag too! Just think of all those beautiful leaves! (just don't set your bag down - you'll never be able to find it!)
  4. What bbbag colors are coming out pre-fall??
  5. Nordstrom said they would be receiving collection colors between July 16th and October 12th ... so maybe there's some hope it'll come in a *slight* bit earlier....
  6. ^lol at the leaves comment... so we have some time to save up some $$$